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gwailohing(Mako) and I had a great time at kumori con! It was our first time attending kumori con. Unfortunately we didn’t take any other pics of us in our Cosplay except for this one, if you have a pic of us can u please upload it and use “#nwmakoharu” (for northwest mako and haru; on tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, etc) so we can find pictures!

Thanks everyone who said hi and asked for pics with/of us!


at the free! panel last night we played this game where we tossed around a beach ball and once the music stopped whoever had it had to do something the panelists told us to.

i caught the ball, unfortunately, an was told to go up and do an impression of my favorite character. it was late, i…

Oh, you were so adorable :) I’m the Makoto and you did great :)

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